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I think I'm a lot like many of you. I've been a working mom with a crazy-busy life and a mild coffee & photo prop addiction. I love, love, love my two sons, 2 dogs and my cat, and I follow them around with my camera, hoping to photograph every adorable little detail of their lives. Ok, Ok...One problem, my sons are now 28 & 20 and I think they are getting a wee bit tired of the mom-a-razzi, lol! Nothing is more important to me than my family, except for my relationship with God. I also love to cook, rummage through antique & resale shops (to feed my photo prop addiction) and do Zumba when I can find the time. And, like most of us women, I absolutely struggle with how incredibly fast time seems to fly by. That is one of the main reasons I am in love with photography! It lets me freeze all those beautiful memories and milestones that whiz by way too fast! And so, when a client tells me, ‘I just want to get some portraits taken before he loses those chubby cheeks,’ I totally get it. Or, ‘I can’t believe how quickly my little girl is growing up!’ I get that, too. And I truly get it when someone says, ‘I feel awful — Bobby was three yrs old in our last family photo, he'll be starting sixth grade this year! I need some new photographs for our home! 

I believe portraits are about documenting the most important moments of our lives, not necessarily for ourselves (though that is a bonus,) but as a gift, a legacy, an heirloom to the most important people in our lives... our family and friends, and to the generations yet to come.

I would love the opportunity to get to know you better, so give me a call and together we'll design a photo session that'll capture your memories and milestones!

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